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#15MORE x B-2 by e.d.g.e.

Been a minute since we updated this blog…but don’t fret, the music is still flowing.

Here’s a few from Eastvan’s hardest working man, e.d.g.e.!


Stealth Bomb Records ( artist e.d.g.e., in conjunction with Vancouver-based streetwear brand Savant (, releases #15MORE, a short collection of loose cuts which serves as promo before the “Captain & Commander” album with producer Savage Beats drops this winter…



Stealth Bomb Records artist e.d.g.e. ( releases a new freeverse over Black Milk’s instrumental from the “Rhythm Roulette” series. Get your daily recommended dosage of bars!!



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bizoid, September 10, 2015

SWINGIN’ CATS by Spits N’ Giggles

Featuring the East Side Magic.

SWINGIN' CATS by Spits N' Giggles feat. East Side Magic from Boyd on Vimeo.

The sophomore album from Spits N’ Giggles has emcees Sauce and Mr. Archive re-igniting their terrestrial and celestial chemistry in the form of booze, bars and beats. Following the visual assaults of Defenestration, Ruffneck and then, A$$ comes SWINGIN’ CATS: A Tale of 4 Fucks. Watch as Sauce and Mr. Archive link up with East Side Magic’s Kid Lithium and Bizoid for an oral orgy of outrageousness. Chains and stains included.


spits giggles freak show

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rust sketches

This collection of songs focus on lush samples collected from Rust’s vinyl collection and chopped into his sampler. Building on these samples, he then adds his drums and additions with controllers and records claps, hand drum and vocal snippets live in the studio.

Finally he returns to his turntable to add scratches and vintage audio speeches. This mosaic approach gives us six songs that are not only full of depth and authenticity.

This first volume in the series is available for free on bandcamp and also has a full video stream (featuring Vancouver’s west end) for you to enjoy.

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Been awhile since I checked up on this dude. I guess I’m behind on my posts while Son is workin’!

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VANCOUVER ISLAND by Stompdown Killaz

Published on Aug 1, 2015.

Visit for more.

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P*$$Y by Artist Noir NSFW

We want to make sure East Van is one of the first blogs to have the new summer classic ‘P*$$Y’ which is attached below, as well as a link to the visual profile explaining Noir as an artist and his goals. Enjoy, share, and please let us know if there is any further information needed to post!

Aight dude, ima bite on this one.

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WHEN I GET TO L.A. by Terell Safadi + VIDEO

terell safadi LA 2

Strapped with his dreams and ambitions, Canadian “Freshmen” Terell Safadi has directed his talents south, as his success navigates north.

Terell resumes as his productive self after a 2-year intermission from releasing his critically acclaimed project “Dream Music – Champagne Dreams Vol.2” ( The Vancouver Native re-examines Hip Hop with a project consisting of both astonishing production, and astounding storytelling.

“When I get to LA”, a flavor to savor consisting of aspiration, purpose and the desire of a rousing musician, who takes the city of Los Angeles by the horns, collaborating with the city’s talent and vibes.

Consistently Terell’s fans will be presented with uninterrupted videos and releases from this new endeavor. Be on the look out for his new video “Say Goodbye”, which will premier this summer, and also pay heed to “When I get to LA’s” debut video “Rumors” which has aired on both MTV and MuchMusic (

This 8 song EP captures the true essence of originality and creative input, enriched with the sounds of virtuosity and hegemony. Make sure to download the project HERE.

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bizoid, July 6, 2015

RUFFNECK by Spits N Giggles

The Official Music Video by Inkspill features production by DJ Us & Them with cuts by Ted D and hook by Babie Paul. Look out for their new album Freak Show coming very very soon.

spit archive

a music video inspired by old school real ass dudes doin real ass shit. ever since the first todd got smacked in his bitch ass mouth there have been ruffnecks & this is our tribute to those todd smackin, chauncey crackin, bitch move jackin, honey dip mackin, money stackin charlie bronson ass motherfuckers worldwide.

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There’s a new art space in Gastown. The Phoenix is an underground gallery and art collective located at 45 West Hastings.

The Phoenix was founded by artists Lisa Warren, James Welk and Jolene Simpson. When they found themselves in need of a new studio space in April of 2015, they stumbled upon an ad for a large, commercial space. It was more than enough space for them and they decided to take it with the intention of joining with other artists to start a new collective. The space was in poor repair and needed to be renovated before it could be usable. Together, they worked around the clock to give the space a new face, and were ready to open their doors in June.


If you want to hear about upcoming like art shows, live drawing and craft nights, like them on Facebook at

If you’re an artist looking for space to rent, they have space available. Drop them a line at


Check out the first promo video by TRiiK Media featuring Lisa Warren’s pottery below:

Lisa Warren – Teapot from TRiiKmedia on Vimeo.