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And moving right along with our Prairie brothers, here is Regina’s Pimpton with a [NSFW] video.


Get more Pimpton in your life HERE!

Saskatchewan rapper, 23-year-old Kyriel “PIMPTON” Roberts combines old-school hip-hop influences, experimental production, and thought-provoking lyrical flow to create a distinctive brand of hip-hop. Pimpton released two major albums in 2013 – The Deal Breaker: Manifest Destiny in February 2013, followed by Killa Call Me Killa Vol. 1 in September 2013, and will release Killa Call Me Killa Vol. 2 this fall of 2014.

Pimpton immigrated to Canada from the country island of Trinidad and Tobago in ’94. He started listening to hip-hop when he was 12 years old and released his debut album, The Newer Testament while he was still in highschool in 2008. Pimpton has always been interested in social issues and classism. He tends to strongly identify with the struggles of the middle class, and those of visible minorities. Pimpton’s reflections on these problems are conveyed through his lyricism.

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SEA OF GREEN by Wolfpack

Some of y’all are Roughriders fans and that’s okay…

wolfpack green

The pack is back once again, with the official release of their new song dedicated to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, “Sea Of Green”. Sea Of Green is as hard hitting as it is energy filling. Not to mention attention grabbing. With audio highlights from various Saskatchewan Roughrider games as well as grey cup victories, Wolfpack pays tribute to Roughriders of the past and present throughout the entire song.

This high energy anthem is sure fire to set the standard for upcoming tributes and anthems dedicated to the Roughriders for years to come and is quickly becoming the pump up song of choice for Roughrider fans the country over. The second official single off the groups upcoming album “Wolfpack Or Nothing” has left Wolfpack fans with little patience as they await the groups Mid-September release.

Download the track HERE!

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k-rec third beach ep

It’s always a trip thinking back to how much of a blur the summer can be. As the season starts winding down (and don’t argue, it’s already dark by 8pm now), DJ, producer, and showman, K-Rec forces us to sit back and relax to the sound of our memories.

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bizoid, August 26, 2014


Fatty Down and Attikus reunite on the summer-soaked, picnic-packin’ Breaking Bread! Look out for the Fattikus EP coming soon!

attikus fatty down

Produced by our good friend Jordan “Illikon” Robinson who sadly passed away in a car accident last summer. This was one of his last beats. This video is dedicated to his legacy. It’s a track about making the most with your family and friends and appreciating where we have come from. It was shot on a sunny West Coast July afternoon at Hume Park in New Westminster just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada. It features over 70 of our favourite people.

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Mr. Archive is back with a brand, spanking new album just in time for your prescription refills.

pharmaceutical mr. archive

Three of The Random Henchmen’s original members have reunited to bring you “Pharmaceutical Music” A dark, jazzy, drug induced collaboration between Tyler 2 Times, Bobby Brillo & Mr. Archive. This short yet sweet EP features some of Vancouver’s finest Emcee’s and showcases production from all over the map, following up on their first Video/Single released from the album in late May Featuring, Filmed Directed & Edited by Chaplyn. The full length album is finally now available on Bandcamp as a free download.

Download the album HERE or check the PREVIEW BELOW:

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Born and raised in Surrey, B.C., Hindu V drops off the official video to Find Your Way with features from Young Buck and Gorilla Zoe.

hindu v

Hindu V, Young Buck & Gorilla Zoe weigh in on the current situations in society. The past few years we have been seeing a change in the way people are thinking. Social uprisings have been occurring across the world taking a stand for injustice. The general public no longer believe what they are being told, and searching for answers elsewhere. People are loosing faith in their government and gaining faith in themselves. This video touches subject that is effecting people across the world such as public brutality, police harassment, mass killings, poverty, and racism.

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bizoid, August 20, 2014

[trailer] HOUSE IN THE HILLS by Tom MacDonald

tom macdonald leeannsson

A preview of Tom MacDonald and b-sharp‘s new project. Also, here are some wrestling terms:

Pin- A pin is when you hold your opponents shoulders on the mat for a period of 5 seconds. You must be in control to get a pin. As soon as you get a pin the match is over.

Technical Fall – As known as a tech, or a techfall. A technical fall is when a wrestler scores 15 or more points on his opponent during the match. Once he hits 15 points or more the match is immediately over. Think of it as a mercy rule.

Stalling – Stalling is when a wrestler does not attack or is not being aggressive. This usually happens when he is in the lead, so that he can buy time and not have to do anything. It is a caution-able offense and doing it 2 times or more in a match will give your opponent a penalty point.

Takedown – A takedown is when a wrestler takes his opponent from off his feet to the ground. To get a takedown a wrestler must be in control, behind his opponent and the opposing wrestler must have three points of his body down on the ground.

Mat Maid – Slang used for team managers. Usually they are girls and will help out the team with team scoring during tournaments, help setting up for the meets and cleaning the mats for the team. They are also some of the team’s biggest supporters.

Dual Meet – A dual meet is a competition between two wrestling teams. It is also possible to have a tri and quad meet. That is when you compete against 3 and 4 teams respectively. These are head-to-head battles against teams and should not be confused with team tournaments.

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Celebration of Summer Salads!

east van kitchen

WTEV was sorry to miss such an awesome event this past Sunday at the People’s Coop Bookstore but it’s never too late to revisit EAST VAN KITCHEN: A Fresh Introduction To Cooking!

Available at the following outlets:

Barbara-jo’s Books To Cooks
1740 W 2nd Ave

The People’s Co-Op Bookstore
1391 Commercial Dr

Pulpfiction Books
2422 Main St

Spartacus Books
684 Hastings St E

Vancouver Special
3612 Main St

3408 Cambie St

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90′S LOVE by JayKin

This the jam. Thank you JayKin for the new music. Produced by $HIGGA!

jaykin 90s love

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