bizoid, February 19, 2016

MAX DOMI by Stroker DeLuca

get domed to the max.


get sweaty with the full album.

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bizoid, February 17, 2016

GARY BUSEY by Medusa Headz

New rap music from the homies D-Vice and the (not so) Fatt Matt.

medusa headz

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I PUT A SPELL ON YOU by Jeff Spec x Ghettosocks

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with this guy’s body of work…so, ya gotta search his name JEFF SPEC and just spend some serious music time and listening to quality songs like this.

New album, of course:

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NUMBER 7 by Tom MacDonald

B-Sharp’s Tom MacDonald hooks up with the Lords of Gastown for the fourth single from his recently released album, “See You Tomorrow” AVAILABLE NOW at & iTunes!

Surrounded by countless Harley Davidson motorcycles and a seemingly infinite amount of whiskey, Tom takes his fans through Vancouver on a liquor-fuelled rampage complete with a wild performance amidst roaring motorcycles at the Lords of Gastown compound.

Traditionally, Tom doesn’t perform his songs in his videos – instead, he acts. Most of his visuals are story-driven character pieces – however – for his first video of 2016, Tom sheds the constraints of his traditional style of presentation to make way for an extremely impressive performance piece cut together with a raging good time. Check out “Number Seven” after the jump!

When asked about what inspired the video Tom said, “I think it’s time that my fans see me in my natural element. All of my videos have been short-films…I’ve played a character in each of them…they’ve seen me as a cowboy and Batman and whatever else…they’ve never seen me be me. This is me. We’re the Lords of Gastown.”

The Lords of Gastown are a motorcycle company originating in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on hand-made goods, apparel and motorcycle pars through their Lords of Gastown Garage Company. Their road-ready supplies fuel their rides including theannual Alaskan-bound “Spirit Quest”, the “Freedom Is A Full Tank” charge through Central America and the “Lust For Dust” tour to New Orleans.

tom macdonald lords gastown number 7

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LOVERzZz by zZz

Hope y’all are breaking outta that post Valentine’s day buzZz. The homie, Michael Fraser, sends over this eclectic doo wah diddy by way of some of Vancouver’s finest electro, gypsy house.

loverzzz by zzz

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A:M by Cado x Eventide

Great production and raps from this duo out of Boston. Thanks for reaching out to East Van, salute!


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bizoid, January 19, 2016
bizoid, January 13, 2016

BIT THE BULLET by Doug Watts x James Watts

doug watts bullet

New Music from Toronto artist Doug Watts and brother James Watts.
Bit the Bullet is a record that a lot of people can relate to. The way the world is turning, things are changing in the relationship sector of it. Love is in the background.

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jutes cocaine cinderella

Toronto Artist on the Come Up, Jutes, Admits his Love Addiction on New “Cocaine Cinderella” Single. Young Canadian rapper drops addictive new single in advance of Much Love double EP on February 12th just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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