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yako-na- /water rising/

Born and raised in Eastvan, Paul moved to Texas and is making a homecoming with a short film premiering at the VIFF. Peep it below!

From Paul:

I made this documentary film called “Yakona” – it’s my first feature – about a special river in Texas. The film is experimental and doesn’t have the traditional narration and relies exclusively on soundtrack and cinematography to tell the story of the river’s history and relationships with humans. I’m not sure if you are familiar with films such as Baraka or Samsara but it is stylistically similar. It’s actually considered the longest inhabited place by human beings in North America. We had our premiere at SXSW in Austin, Tx and have been touring the US winning multiple awards since. Vancouver is our international premiere.

Yakona Trailer 1 from Yakona on Vimeo.


Yako­na, meaning “rising water” in a local Native American language, is a visual journey through the crystal clear waters of the San Marcos River and its headwaters at Spring Lake. This film takes the viewer from prehistoric times through the modern era on an impressionistic journey from the perspective of the river. While filming, many extraordinary changes occurred surrounding the springs and river, including the removal of the Aquarena Springs theme park, the restoration of Spring Lake and the uncovering of ancient human remains. We were there to capture these historic changes to the river.

We follow the river from source to sea, through the changing seasons, interpreting the river’s time and memory, and documenting this relationship between the natural world and man. Yakona speaks directly to the viewer with its beauty, appealing to humanity’s higher nature, and the viewer begins to understand this is a river that yearns to remain unchanged despite everything that is changing around it.

yakona rising water viff

WOMEN WITH TATTOOS by Northwest Division

Northwest Division - Women With Tattoos [Video]

Back with some new visuals from their album R.B.P.H album, Northwest Division dedicates their latest to the honeys covered in ink. “Women With Tattoos” shows Hungry and Junk nestled between a handful of fly shorties, kicking it in a tattoo shop. Bright colours on the bodies of some babes might have stolen the show if the boys didn’t flow so hard. NWD drop their verses over a Darkone beat and believe they came as correct as ever. Check out the video below.

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ROUND TRIP by Immerze

immerze roundtrip

After releasing the Dayton Spokes EP in June 2014, Vancouver’s rising star Immerze has already set his mind on releasing his full length LP of the same name. Serving as the first single off of the Dayton Spokes LP, “Round Trip” leaves Immerze spitting about the monotony of everyday life, while DJ Jagw1re lays down a mesmerizing and addictive Indian bamboo-flute lead backdrop that leaves you wanted to explore a whole new world.

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It’s just a steady stream of collaborations and videos from the Saskatchewan homies, Wolfpack. Here’s a nice little catch up of all things new new.

Wolfpack Or Nothing (Front)

Saskatchewan Summer featuring Katt.

Saskatchewan Summer couldn’t come at a better time with the mercury on the thermometer dropping and the cold winds sweeping in, it’s time for all our wolves to get their winter coats ready. It’s time to think back to a simpler, much sunnier time. Saskatchewan Summer is a tribute to those times in Saskatchewan, and the world over for that matter.

Let’s Stay featuring Chuck Woods and Mighty Rhino

Let’s Stay takes is back to a day when Rayne was so soul infused and obsessed with he considered changing his name to Kanye [Mid]West. Sped up, filled with bongos and crashes, the instrumental for Let’s Stay will have you head nodding in time. Taking over Mer’s usual responsibilities is Toronto bred rhyme slinger, The Mighty Rhino. Rhino weaves his way through his 16 complimenting Rayne’s uptempo 90′s throwback with references to the golden era of hip hop. Sweat inducing sexual innuendos and seductive schemes fill Rhino’s verse and remind listeners of a simpler time. Chuck Woods tears through his verse in an unheard sing-song style meshed on par with his sensitive schemes that leave listeners wondering if it’s about a girl or hip hop’s demanding lifestyle. One thing is for sure, Chuck appeals to both in this track.

Down Below featuring Mer and Troy Junker

Down Below is that signature Wolfpack promo sound, hard hitting, well known sample. Thumpin drums, Loud bass. Down Below is missing just one thing…Chuck-Fuckin-Woods !! In his place, Mer & Rayne Drop handpicked Prince Albert local, now residing in Toronto, Troy Junker. Smooth double-time flows & rewind worthy wordplay, Troy Junker is a perfect fit and holds his own well on a song with arguably one of Saskatchewans slickest wordsmiths in Mer.

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bizoid, September 3, 2014

NOT TRUE by JayKin

jaykin not true

The Freshest presents Not True by JayKin as produced by Kutcorners with artwork by Marvel.

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SLEEP IN THE WILD by Crissi Cochrane

My hesitation to post this track only lasted as long as it took to load the video. Fell in love instantly!

crissi cochrane

This Tuesday, Canadian indie chanteuse Crissi Cochrane debuted a glamorous new music video, “SLEEP IN THE WILD”. Directed by Sean McLeod in Windsor Ontario, the video is a fun little romp, presenting Crissi as a classic natural beauty. In just over 24 hours online, the video has already surpassed 1500 views. (Watch video here:

The video comes in advance of a string of live dates, seeing the artist open for acclaimed YouTube sensations Walk Off The Earth at the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival on Thursday in Amherstburg Ontario, followed by a short run of tour dates in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. On the East Coast, Crissi will be sharing stages and performing with members of Pony Girl, a six-piece art/rock band from Ottawa Ontario. Earlier this year, Crissi was named among the Top 10 artists nationwide in the CBC Searchlight Contest, the hunt for Canada’s best new artist.

Crissi Cochrane combines the heart of an East Coast singer-songwriter with the soul of Windsor/Detroit, living and writing in the hot sun by the homeland of Motown and industry. Native to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Crissi performs a sultry and soulful brand of popular music, echoing jazz, bossa nova, Motown, and R&B. Her latest album, Little Sway (2014), is available worldwide on iTunes.

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HOUSE IN THE HILLS by Tom MacDonald [official]


Furthering the rising heat for his mixtape LeeAnn’s Son, Tom MacDonald is back with another original video, this time for his second single “House in the Hills”. As always, MacDonald took the lead in directing and producing the visuals, with filming by Jeremy Cox. Set 25 years into the future, the short gives an intimate look into MacDonald’s life, while the track reflects his current ambitions.

“The visuals that I released for my last video [Wannabe], were so unusual, I figured it would be best to rein everything in a little bit for “House In The Hills”. With that being said, this is still a conceptual art piece. My vision for this video restricted me from showcasing traditional hip-hop aesthetics,” said MacDonald.

Upon return from his first European tour with American hip-hop group Onyx, Tom MacDonald became homeless, and took up residence in a studio for thirty days during summer 2013. Within that month he produced LeeAnn’s Son, which he premiered live on stage when he returned to Europe for his second tour. The project was officially released for the public on June 1st, 2014, with “Wannabe” as the leading single.

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Terminal City All Star [September Update]

terminal city all stars

VANCOUVER (Aug. 28, 2014) — The Terminal City All-Stars are heading to California next weekend to play in the first round of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Division 1 playoffs after making another huge jump in the WFTDA standings in June. They now sit at 18th place in the world, and are currently the top team in Canada. This, after jumping from 37th to 25th in May.

“We were 37th in April, 25th in May and now 18th in WFTDA rankings as we head into playoffs. That’s pretty amazing when we were not even on the WFTDA radar just over two years ago,” says coach Ian MacKenzie, aka ‘Mack the Mouth’. “I can’t say enough about the hard work and focus all of the skaters have put in.” Their jump to 18th place has put them smack dab in the middle of the 10 teams playing in the first of four Division 1 playoff tournaments, which takes place Sept. 5-7 in Sacramento, CA.

The 10 teams for the WFTDA Division 1 playoffs in seeding order are:
1. Gotham Girls Roller Derby, New York, NY
2. Minnesota RollerGirls, St. Paul, MN
3. Denver Roller Dolls, Denver, CO
4. Rat City Rollergirls, Seattle, WA
5. Terminal City Rollergirls, Vancouver, B.C.
6. Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Santa Cruz, CA
7. Tampa Roller Derby, Tampa, FL
8. Kansas City Roller Warriors, Kansas City, MO
9. New Hampshire Roller Derby, Manchester, NH
10. Blue Ridge Rollergirls, Asheville, NC

Terminal City will be playing Rat City first. “We are all very excited about playing Rat City as it brings this team’s transformation full circle,” says MacKenzie. “We played them on June 9, 2012 and exceeded the outcome as well as put a scare into Rat City with our star passes and different schemes we ran on starts. It was less than 10 points at halftime and although they ran away with it in the last 15 minutes, the score was not indicative of the game we played. So now we get to play them again.”

Winning that first game would put the All-Stars into a game against Gotham. In the last year, the All-Stars have played every top-10 team in WFTDA except for Gotham, Rocky Mountain, and Minnesota. “Being a fifth seed gives us a legitimate shot at going to champs,” says MacKenzie. “We would have to beat Rat City, and then after playing Gotham we would play in the game for third and fourth position. If you finish third at your divisional, you go to champs.”

Before recently leaping to 25th and now 18th place, the All-Stars had been hovering at 37th place for a year. “It’s also important to point out that we have (moved up in the standings) with constant adversity being thrown at us in the last 90 days. Injuries seem to plague our core jammers this year, yet this team keeps finding a way to step up and respond. It bodes very well for playoffs as we should, hopefully, have everyone healthy and ready to go for September in Sacramento,” he adds.

Following the playoffs in Sacramento, there will be three other rounds of playoffs for the remaining top 40 teams in Division 1: Sept. 19-21 in Evansville, IN; Sept. 26-28 in Salt Lake City, UT; and Oct. 3-5 in Charleston, WV. The top three teams from each of the four playoff tournaments will head to the WFTDA International Championships Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 in Nashville, TN.

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Melanie Sara hits us up from Montreal with the new Simon Chang and Miss Caprice handbag and accessories line from Sayan for the Fall 2014 season!


More HERE!

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