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[trailer] HOUSE IN THE HILLS by Tom MacDonald

tom macdonald leeannsson

A preview of Tom MacDonald and b-sharp‘s new project. Also, here are some wrestling terms:

Pin- A pin is when you hold your opponents shoulders on the mat for a period of 5 seconds. You must be in control to get a pin. As soon as you get a pin the match is over.

Technical Fall – As known as a tech, or a techfall. A technical fall is when a wrestler scores 15 or more points on his opponent during the match. Once he hits 15 points or more the match is immediately over. Think of it as a mercy rule.

Stalling – Stalling is when a wrestler does not attack or is not being aggressive. This usually happens when he is in the lead, so that he can buy time and not have to do anything. It is a caution-able offense and doing it 2 times or more in a match will give your opponent a penalty point.

Takedown – A takedown is when a wrestler takes his opponent from off his feet to the ground. To get a takedown a wrestler must be in control, behind his opponent and the opposing wrestler must have three points of his body down on the ground.

Mat Maid – Slang used for team managers. Usually they are girls and will help out the team with team scoring during tournaments, help setting up for the meets and cleaning the mats for the team. They are also some of the team’s biggest supporters.

Dual Meet – A dual meet is a competition between two wrestling teams. It is also possible to have a tri and quad meet. That is when you compete against 3 and 4 teams respectively. These are head-to-head battles against teams and should not be confused with team tournaments.

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Celebration of Summer Salads!

east van kitchen

WTEV was sorry to miss such an awesome event this past Sunday at the People’s Coop Bookstore but it’s never too late to revisit EAST VAN KITCHEN: A Fresh Introduction To Cooking!

Available at the following outlets:

Barbara-jo’s Books To Cooks
1740 W 2nd Ave

The People’s Co-Op Bookstore
1391 Commercial Dr

Pulpfiction Books
2422 Main St

Spartacus Books
684 Hastings St E

Vancouver Special
3612 Main St

3408 Cambie St

bizoid, August 13, 2014

90′S LOVE by JayKin

This the jam. Thank you JayKin for the new music. Produced by $HIGGA!

jaykin 90s love

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DAZE (REMIX) by Trip Pony x JayKin

Here’s the 2nd JayKin track as featured on New Zealand’s Trip Pony‘s single. Remixing courtesy of Kutcorners and Marvel!

jaykin trip pony

The OG video below:

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D.R.E.A.M.S. (INTERLUDE) by JayKin

That dude, JayKin, came back home and dropped a nice string of tracks. This one’s produced by Hashbrown.

jaykin dreams

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WATCH OUT by Wolfpack x Chosen 1

wolfpack watch out

Coming hot off the release of their self-titled Wolfpack EP in May 2014, Wolfpack is back with the first glimpse of their upcoming album Wolfpack Or Nothing. A title derived from Universal Music Group’s attempt to poach Chuck Woods to push him as a solo act, to which Chuck replied, “It’s Wolfpack or nothing”. Shortly after talks began between the two parties, Wolfpack decided as a group it was best to steer away from what could have been a career altering deal for better or worse and push the group 100% independently.

Fast forward a month and a half and Wolfpack brings you Watch Out, featuring Rhema Records affiliate Chosen 1 who chants a soulful chorus overtop a grainy, clap heavy, Rayne Drop slapper. Mer & Chuck dazzle their way through verses mixing character with lyricism. With two more singles planned, Wolfpack is preparing well for their full length debut and by the sounds of it you don’t want to miss it.

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bizoid, August 10, 2014

SHINE ON by Kid Lithium

ESM Records presents the second video off of Kid Lithium’s latest #DREAMACHINE.

kid lithium

In this era of swagger raps and materialistic obsessions Kid Lithium hits us with a melancholic verse reminding us that we should put away our toys and devices from time to time and soak it all in.

Preview #DREAMACHINE below and be sure to cop that download!

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MOBBIN’ by Mike Wise x Brad Colliss

Leave it to my international homies to put me on that backyard trap. Whaddup Jer?

mike wise

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PENWORK14 by e.d.g.e.

Away for a bit but I’m back. Here’s the dude that never skips a beat: MC e.d.g.e.

edge penwork14

Vancouver MC e.d.g.e. releases a short compilation of tracks from this year, and prepares to release the “Captain & Commander” EP with producer Savage Beats on August 8th…

The determination and focus applied to his chosen craft led Derrick Douglas to adopt the alias “e.d.g.e” (Eternal Determination Grants Everything). As an only child, e.d.g.e’s interest in music was deeply rooted in his upbringing, taking influences from reggae, dancehall, funk, rock, and soul music. His high school years found him concentrating on creating verses in-between studies, which eventually became a full-time obsession. In 2002, e.d.g.e released his first solo mixtape, entitled “Captain Nasty’s Introduction Vol.1″, which would be the first of his 22 releases to date. In addition, e.d.g.e. has shared the stage with artists such as Common, Talib Kweli, Naughty By Nature, Theophilus London, 2 Live Crew, DJ Kool, The Roots, DJ Green Lantern, Raekwon, Zion I, Meek Mill, Mobb Deep and Diamond D. His metaphor-heavy wordplay style ranges from mixtape punchlines to in-depth and introspective songwriting. Stay tuned to both and for new music from this prolific lyricist.

Grab the compilation HERE or check it below:

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