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LITTLE DARRELL by Pimpton x Andre Nickatina



Pimpton, a trending Hip Hop artist hailing from the small City of Regina, drove 26hrs from Canada to San Francisco to shoot a music video with one of his musical idols and Bay Area legend Andre Nickatina. Pimpton first met Andre Nickatina while opening for him in Saskatoon, during Andre’s tour across Western Canada. At that time the two ended up making a record together in Saskatoon. Soon after Pimpton and Andre reached out to Director Ben Griffin in Oakland, California and filmed the video for their song “Little Darrell.” This took place while Pimpton was traveling across the Western United States on tour promoting his new album “The Deal Breaker Manifest Destiny” (TDBMD) which features the song with Andre Nickatina entitled “Little Darrell.”

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Regina, Saskatchewan buzzmaker Rubiks has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, VOLUM3: Push Play #PushItRealGood. The project features the unsigned emcee offering insight into the “6 sides” of his life (“personal, school, music, work, home and business”) over the course of 10 original tracks. Included is reader-approved lead single, “Uh-Oh”. Pimpton, Riley, Troy K. make guest appearances throughout the set, which features production by AK, DJ III Kid Kris, Johnny Keys, Merky Waters, Rich Kidd, Ross Bearman and Troy K.


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THOSE EYES by Nortwest Division

NWD - Those eyes [Video]

The latest video from Northwest Division is one of the deeper tracks belonging to their latest album R.B.P.H. The black and white visuals for “Those Eyes” have Hungry and Junk spitting verses about the relationship between father and son – specifically Hungry dedicates his verse to his son and Junk to his father.

The theme came about unplanned as the two organically wrote their verses to the ENG beat and ended up with the father, son topic of rhyme. “Those Eyes” is an exceptional showcase of the pair’s skills but is also an emotionally relatable realty check. Check the video below.

northwest division

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ARMOR by Ariano


Ariano Releases new video “Armor”. The second single off his upcoming singer/song writer Ep “Sad Songs Make Me Happy” out this summer on Camobear Records. The new video directed by Wackoe Films.
“Armor” is a mid tempo song with a smooth break beat & guitar chopped up written & produced by Ariano. The song showcases Ariano’s production and writing while blending his melodic singing with a raspy flow. The video on it’s own tells a story of a young woman battling with the decision of making money by sharing herself in order to keep the bills paid.

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bizoid, July 15, 2014

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Matt Brevner x Tom Macdonald


Following the release of the chilling visuals for “Pride”, Matt Brevner is back again with another original video drop; this time for “Dark Side of the Moon” featuring bsharp mate, Tom MacDonald.

“When Tom and I wrote the song, we knew that there was only one visual concept that would do the track justice,” said Brevner. “The video is a representation of how far we’ve come as artists, and how much further there is to go.”

“Im really happy to be one of the first rappers to shoot a video in space, really. It was expensive but it was rad,” said MacDonald.

Off of The Bushido Project, the video is directed by David McDonald. As with his previous work, Brevner’s second installment of the summer continues to showcase his commitment to maintain artistic integrity across his work.

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gorgeous geordie profile

New video shot in and around East Van. Video by He Who Shall Not Be Named. Beat by He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Got it? Go download that CoffinLife HERE and look out for the Angels In The Outfield EP coming soon!

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THIS AIN’T FUNNY by Mike Boyd x Classified


Fresh off the release of his album …Note The Sarcasm, East coast Canadian rapper Mike Boyd has come through with the fourth single from the project titled, “This Ain’t Funny”. Featuring his Juno-award winning brother Classified, the video finds Boyd and Class as over-the-top hillbillies confronting a group of rich kids littering beer cans in the backwoods. Playing off his Nova Scotia roots, the video is an absurd showcase of Boyd’s comedic sensibilities and wry lyrical wit.

Directed by Andrew Flemming.

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ALI BOMBAYE by Arami “The Corrector”

Arami Th Corrector

For better or for worse whatever Arami “The Corrector” touches, he’s gonna make it work. His recent video “Ali Bombaye” comes from is upcoming mixtape YogE Vs Arami 2: R.I.P – dropping soon.

Coming into his own Arami spits some of his realest rhymes over a hard-hitting beat. The sharp visuals come courtesy of Behind Closed Doors Productions. Be on the look out for more content from this up-and-coming Vancouver artist coming soon.

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bizoid, July 10, 2014

PEACE TO MY LOVERS by Z. Konketsuji

Straight fire!

Meet Z. Konketsuji. The 21 year old rapper based in both Tokyo and NYC just threw us his first music video with IllusiveMedia (Shomi Patwary) for a track off of the upcoming album “The Patient Discovery.”


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