bizoid, April 9, 2015

P.I.D.A. by e.d.g.e.

More e.d.g.e. cuz he grindin’ harder than…let’s say…a sapphire pestle in a diamond mortar.

#NOFUXGIVEN Mixtape coming next month!

pida edge

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bizoid, April 7, 2015

LOSTFLOWS by e.d.g.e.

lostflows edge

e.d.g.e.’s NOFUXGIVEN Mixtape, sponsored by Stealth Bomb Records, Ephin SDK and, is coming soon… #PNWRK

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FLAWLESS | a beyonce inspired art show and fundraiser


You saw Bill You Murray Me? and Drop It Like It’s Art.


Check the info on the poster and get in your submission by April 12th!

Find more info about the event on Facebook HERE!

NOFUXGIVEN by e.d.g.e.

nofuxgiven edge

Stealth Bomb Records, Ephin SDK & present the first release from MC e.d.g.e.‘s upcoming mixtape NOFUXGIVEN.

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bizoid, March 19, 2015

HEAVY MELLOW by Azrael x Inkspill

New stuff from the “mur-diddly-urdler” brothers, Azrael and Inkspill, featuring music production from Delf.

heavy mellow azrael inkspill

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bizoid, March 12, 2015

MURDER ME by Young Snag

young snag murder me

This Montreal native has come with the street sweeper. As Young Snag is about to premier his new video “Murder Me”, his team V.F.K wanted to offer the DJs, music enthusiast and the streets something they can sink their teeth into.

For all those in the streets, in the clubs or just here living life, Young Snag racketeers the beat and delivers that vibrant melody. Wave your flags, twist your fingers, pop your bottles and represent. “Murder Me”, delivers that one-two TKO.

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Congratulations Shad.

Congrats to Shad on his new position as host of CBC Radio’s Q.

shad cbc radio q

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TRUE by Alex Lost

Real rap. Realer than me if I was a cat sneakin’ on bacon grilled cheese sandwiches.

Get your lostboy/lostgirl on and support the 18 year old MC from Ottawa, Ontario.

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bizoid, March 7, 2015


tom macdonald

VANCOUVER – Once again Tom MacDonald proves that he’s one of the most versatile artists out in the underground with the release of his video “Fight Your Fears”. Featuring a warm beat reminiscent of Chinese harps, the understated cut was written, composed, and produced by MacDonald. The visuals were directed by Dave McDonald and co-directed by Tom MacDonald and Jon Thomas.

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